What We Offer

Item Pricing and Logistics

Meyer Estate Sales LLC will price all of your items. You will be responsible for removing or clearly labeling any items you do not want to sell and then leave the rest to us!

Don't throw any items away, Meyer Estate Sales LLC will make that determination for you!

The seller is more than welcome to choose any item's price as “firm”.


Meyer Estate Sales LLC commission is 40%. This includes advertising for your sale and light cleaning if needed. NO upfront fees.

Item Removal and Trash Policy

Meyer Estate Sales, LLC is not responsible for the removal of electronics, mattresses, or appliances not sold. Any charges for trash removal will be charged back to the client at the end of the sale.

Personal Property Guarantee

Any personal property that is found in the sellable items by Meyer LLC staff will be promptly returned to you. Examples of personal items may include but are not limited to; photos, personal papers, or cash.

Payment Policy

Client checks will be sent from Meyer Estate Sales LLC within 15 business days of the end of the sale. An itemized list will also be provided for sale items over $100.